Hearty, loud and boastful. Creatures and people from the north have these things in common, for better or worse.

I never liked spending time in the north even if it would greatly benefit Professor Yakkington. He really likes the cold and easily finds a common understanding with northerners.
Adapted to the cold, with lots of body hair and furs they form societies that are bonded through hunts and brawls.
The more tempered among them have a penchant for smiting and metalworking. I guess the warmth of a forge is welcome in the cold winters even if they rarely wear armor. If they do, it’s something to keep them warm.
The younger and fiercer of them will boast about their hunting, tracking, fighting (Often Drinking) prowess (But really, how hard is it to track in a year long snow?) without missing the opportunity to prove it. They fear not death, but forget their name and you’ll quickly regret it.

Interestingly most of these personality traits are shared with Orcs of the north too. Even if they seem like a completely different people, they often eat, drink and hunt together.

-Nicholas the Traveler


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