“An army of the risen walked right outta there, I swear!”

At least that is what a drunken refugee swears. I simply had to investigate.

Landa used to be a quiet, little logging town on the edges of the Deadlands. Who knows why someone decided to start a village there, or if it was there before the Deadlands came to be, but it certainly is there.

Professor Yakkington objected to the journey greatly, for he has no fondness of the Deadlands and the stories surrounding it, but Landa usually holds many interesting trinkets gathered by the locals. Imagine our surprise when we found it to be inhabited by a mercenary group. A makeshift checkpoint greeted me, banners of Blue and Gold running down it’s walls.

They took to me with suspicion, but seeing that I was a travelling merchant they begrudgingly took me in. I traded wine and food for stories that would cause the blood to freeze even in the bravest of folk. Not a lot of logging going on around Landa these days. They seemed more inclined to wander the area and supposedly even the Deadlands. They jokingly offered to take me into the Deadlands themselves just before their commanding officer chased them away.

It was probably a nice place once, but being near to such anomalies took it’s toll on the inhabitants who seem to have simply decided to get up and leave one day, leaving everything behind.

-Nicholas the Traveler.


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