What do I think of elves? Right bloody cunts they are. Riding in their boats, poaching our ships, taking what they want. We should just sail out, and put them in their place.

These are the paraphrased and collected opinions of most sailors in Croy. Granted, they are greatly affected by elven piracy. Whole ships and families lost to elven raids are unfortunately a common occurrence. Not to say that we treat them any better. I know for a fact, that in the western reaches, elven mercenaries are valued for multiple reasons. Faster and more agile than your average person, no trouble in the dark, and you would rather send an elf to his death than your friend. Nobles also like hiring elves to do their dirty work. Even if they do turn on their employer, nobody would believe an elf.

I once had the luck to travel to one of the elven islands up north. One would expect it to be cold and snowy, but it was like an eternal spring. They weave houses out of the canopies of trees unique to those isles, and seemingly live in perfect harmony. They despise outsiders as much as we do, but they at least acted like they didn’t. Thinly veiled insults and sarcasm, was plentiful.

Their social structure is built on clans, and as a collective they are led by the “Elders” whoever they are. I did not get a chance to meet one.

While they do put on a play of perfect happiness there was the stench of corruption in the place. If anything it was well rehearsed.
They really aren’t too different from us.

- Nicholas the Traveler


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