Yenril Silverkin

“Strange times we are living. Happening upon almsot dead people in the middle of forests, with no obvious explanation…”

After finding out about the devestation in Landa I decided to visit brightstone once more. It was always a plesant place, and Professor Yakkington could get a few salt crystals from the mines there when I happened upon a grusome scene.

Paches of blood soaked snow, the ground beneath it dead and withered. In the middle of it all lay a man, greatly wounded and almost frozen to death.
I took him to safety and did my best to patch him up. The cold wreaked havoc on his limbs and the veins around his wounds were black with venom. I could only hope he pulls through….

He woke up and we talked a bit. Very crude, unplesant and emotional. Nothing like the person I believe him to be related to…

Yenril Silverkin

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